What we offer

FGIS has a broad product offering to service many industries and types of manufacturing businesses. We offer over 2000 products and have access to many more. And because of our large number of suppliers, we can often find the product you are looking for.

We have field representative who are happy to visit your business and maintain contact as you wish. Our sales staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the products we offer, and we understand many industry business needs due to the breadth of our customer base. In FGIS you’ll experience people who are not just order takers, but are able to discuss your process or technical problem and find the most suitable products to do the job!

FGIS services customers across all states of Australia and some internationally, so no matter where you are we are able to maintain contact and deliver our products to you.

Benefits of using FGIS as your supplier

Customers of FGIS should expect excellent customer service and you’ll find that we are absolutely a customer focussed organisation.

Our approach is to be available for our customers and maintain any level of contact that is required. It is important that we understand your business and operations so that we can give the best advice regarding products that generate high quality outcomes for your finished goods and create increased efficiencies that can be identified. Additionally we work hard to keep up to date with new products coming to market and their technical advantage over existing products. By working closely with our suppliers technical departments our highly experienced sales staff provide you with the best value over time.